In its simplest form, a home theatre can be a high definition TV, DVD or Blu-ray player and appropriate speakers, but this can be amplified to include comprehensive additional details according to your budget.
This allows us to have access to all the brands and we do NOT carry stock so you know that you are always getting the latest technology available at the time.
The Sensory Dispensary has been supplying custom designed home theatres to the South African market for over 15 Years. We have hundreds of satisfied clients all over Johannesburg and South Africa.


Gareth Cliff

The Sensory Dispensary was recommended to me by fellow Idols Judge and audiophile Randall Abrahams. Who was I to argue? they did a terrific job with my home AV system and now I can never listen to or watch anything on sub-standard stuff again.


Randall Abrahams

The Sensory Dispensary provides an utterly professional service. Having known Neil Zasman for almost two decades, I can quite honestly say that he continues to provide an experienced ear coupled with a healthy knowledge of all the latest developments in the two channel and surround sound audio and video environments.

His team do a sterling job of installing equipment, ensuring that the modern home is filled with music but remains an attractive setting. Neil is able to supply purpose-designed solutions or is able to slot in with your current needs, Dealing with The Sensory Dispensary is a thoroughly fulfilling experience – from design to final installation. Enjoy the sights (and sounds!).