It’s our belief that a system is more than just the components. It’s an expression of the owner and the people who design and install it. From simple installations to whole house solutions, we strive to make our systems easy to use with the end-user always in mind.

We give special attention to our customer’s needs and how their system will integrate with their lifestyle, requirements and environment. It is our belief that your system must be easy to use so that it can be enjoyed to its fullest.

The Sensory Dispensary is a consultancy which draws on a network of resources offering the finest home entertainment products/home automation products, services and technology.

Based in Sandton, Johannesburg, our installation staff includes designers, installers and IT specialists. We can work directly with you the client, or any trade involved in the project. Our experience in both the Residential and Commercial trades allows us the flexibility to be of service in a variety of projects.

From the pre-wire phase of a new home for distributed audio/video, a custom home theatre in an existing home or the installation of a Corporate Multi-Media system, we have the products and the experience to provide systems that will satisfy the most discerning client’s needs. You can trust the professionals at The Sensory Dispensary to ensure that your project is completed to your satisfaction, on time and on a budget.

The Sensory Dispensary’s goal is to provide our clients with products and knowledge that will enhance their lifestyle not complicate it

  • We will strive to bring each client the right products which will meet their needs, both functionally and financially
  • We will design and install systems that will compliment the environment for which they are intended
  • We will offer our clients the latest in affordable technologies, always with the end-user in mind
  • We will educate our clients in the use and care of the products we install
  • We will supply our clients with immediate and personalised service

  • System design and solution integration
  • Experienced installers, system designers and integrators employed by the company
  • The sourcing and supply of the appropriate electronics & equipment
  • System installation and programming with a comprehensive system handover to the client
  • Liaison with architects, project managers and interior designers
  • Access to a broad and comprehensive range of consumer electronics products

  • Home Audio – stereo and multi – channel audio
  • Home theatre including moving image technology – projectors/plasma, LCD & LED Screens
  • HD Satellite Television
  • Home Automation & control systems including motorised/automated plasma/LCD lifts and iPad/iPod touch integration
  • Multi-source/multi-zone music and video distribution systems.

cp-photo-154x300Neil Zasman has made a career out of sharing his passion for music and movies. The Sensory Dispensary, his custom-electronics design and installation company, now enables homeowners to experience the best of both-and so much more-in the finest, most luxurious atmosphere possible. Aside from enhancing a client’s lifestyle, his company’s services can also significantly increase the value of a home.

The Sensory Dispensary works with a number of leading entertainment-technology brands, thereby providing customers with unlimited entertainment options. Its highly skilled employees are constantly trained in this evolutionary field to keep up with developing technologies, offering the industry’s finest technical expertise and customer service in the industry. They can also install systems discreetly, utilizing options such as retractable televisions and “invisible” speakers to preserve-if not enhance-a room’s aesthetic integrity.

The Sensory Dispensary team of designers and engineers work directly with clients to create the right experience for each customer-from custom-installed convertible theaters that double as living spaces to dedicated luxury theaters, from high-definition TVs to multi-room music, from home networks to closed-circuit TVs. More importantly, The Sensory Dispensary integrates them all into one easy-to-use, family-friendly control system designed to each client’s specific requirements.

Our success has been based on the knowledge gained from many years of experience in the industry together with a, personalised service and an obvious passion for what we do. As a result of this approach The Sensory Dispensary has established an increasingly loyal and highly satisfied client base.

The Sensory Dispensary is the local distributor of Meridian Audio products which are designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom and who have been the leaders in the industry for 30 years in the field of digital audio and cinema systems.

Neil Zasman

team-neilWith a B.Com (Hons) degree and a passion for music and movies, Neil Zasman decided to pursue his instincts and leave the corporate world of advertising and marketing( yes, he used to have a real job once…) to follow his lifelong love of music, technology and motion pictures. After attending various electronic design courses both in South Africa and abroad, Neil started the company- The Sensory Dispensary – a business that specialises in customised home entertainment and automation solutions.Neil is a music lover, and having met the likes of musician Carlos Santana recently in Singapore (pictured below), Neil says: “I work with the fun elements in a home – my company is all about providing products that enhance customers lifestyles. By installing state-of-the-art music and home cinema systems, The Sensory Dispensary is able to touch the soul of its clients in a manner that provides them with a unique and emotional dimension to their home entertainment experience.” This, he explains, is the source of his personal work satisfaction – an ideal way of making a living whilst at the same time having an enormous amount of fun.

Neil recently had two of the original members of the highly acclaimed SOUTH AFRICAN 70′s rock group, Rabbitt at his showroom. Pictured below is Neil, Trevor Rabin (guitar & vocals, & Neil Cloud (drums). Trevor is living in Los Angeles and has been extremely successful writing film scores for the likes of blockbuster movies such as “Gone in 60 Seconds”, Enemy of The State”, “National Treasure” & “Bad Boys II” to name a few of the many projects he has been involved in.


One of our company objectives is to take a practical approach to system design which ultimately translates into solutions which are easy to use and are therefore enjoyed by our clients for many years.

Neil has attended and continues to attend many international electronics shows both in the US and Europe to ensure the Sensory Dispensary keeps abreast with constantly evolving technology.

Greg Jackson


From a young age, Greg has been fascinated by technology, always wanting the latest and greatest. After working at a printer repair company getting covered in ink and toner, Greg was headhunted by a friends home automation company. That’s where his voyage began in 2013. From pulling cable and cutting ceilings as a junior AV technician to becoming the senior team leader doing rack assemblies, programming, site assessments and project planning.

With his vast experience as a senior installer, Greg has a wealth of knowledge and uses this in his unique system design.

Greg has in-depth training and experience on Control4 programming and installations since 2013 and holds all the Control4 accreditation.

Greg also specializes in designing and installing networks for automation and control systems.

Greg’s hobbies consist of Golf, Scuba Diving, socializing with friends and family. These make him very approachable and easy to talk to. He is very friendly and always has a smile on his face. He will find a solution to any problem and fix it.

Greg is a valuable member of the team bringing a wealth of knowledge and skills to The Sensory Dispensary team.

Patson Milandzi


Started work at Audio Projects as an assistant audio system and TV system installer for 9 years.

Joined Kriativ Audio as an assistant audio system and TV system installer and was then promoted to a team leader managing an installation team.

Patson has had extensive experience in audio, DSTV and system integration.

Patson has completed courses on networking, Russound, Control4, Rako and Bitwise systems design, programming and integration.

Justin Holmes


Justin developed a passion for music at an early age, leading him to study sound engineering for 3 years.

He then worked in the live sound and audio industry for over 7 years, doing live shows, corporate events and studio work.

This experience has given Justin an extensive knowledge and understanding of audio and sound reinforcement.

Justin Holmes has completed courses on networking, Russound, Control4, Rako and Bitwise systems design, programming and integration.

Justin Symons

team-justinJustin Symons is our local DSTV / TV & RF distribution specialist. Justin has been an Accredited Multi-choice Installer for over 10 years.Justin designs and implements TV reticulation systems which vary in size from residential projects to large systems for large guest houses and hotels.Justin has been involved in a variety of projects in South Africa, as well as projects outside South Africa in Botswana, Lesotho, Angola and Namibia

Taryn Favis

taryn-profile-smallTaryn joined The Sensory Dispensary in April 2012 as Operations Manager. She started her career in 2000 in diamond wholesaling – sales, sourcing, grading and managing an exclusive jewellery range. Taryn has a diploma in Marketing and PR