Gareth Cliff

The Sensory Dispensary was recommended to me by fellow Idols Judge and audiophile Randall Abrahams. Who was I to argue? they did a terrific job with my home AV system and now I can never listen to or watch anything on sub-standard stuff again.


Randall Abrahams

The Sensory Dispensary provides an utterly professional service. Having known Neil Zasman for almost two decades, I can quite honestly say that he continues to provide an experienced ear coupled with a healthy knowledge of all the latest developments in the two channel and surround sound audio and video environments.

His team do a sterling job of installing equipment, ensuring that the modern home is filled with music but remains an attractive setting. Neil is able to supply purpose-designed solutions or is able to slot in with your current needs, Dealing with The Sensory Dispensary is a thoroughly fulfilling experience – from design to final installation. Enjoy the sights (and sounds!).