Distributed audio and be installed in many different kinds of rooms and used in a few different ways. The rooms you want distributed audio installed and how you want to listen to that music can determine your overall system type and the type of speakers you want to install.

Background listening: This is the equivalent of in-home “elevator music”. You don’t really care what’s playing, and you don’t listen to it terribly critically. It’s just plain ole background music.

Entertainment listening: This is a step up from background music. You want to choose your music, but listening is typically subsidiary to other activities. That is, you play the music while you’re doing other things-reading, entertaining, whatever-although you may turn it up occasionally for a party or to dance.

Critical listening: This is what you do in your main listening room. Sound quality is important, because you’re turning it up for a good listen.

However you want to listen to music, we can deliver the type of system you require with an easy to use control system.

Distributed Video is similar to distributed audio in the sense the video can emanate from a single source point. Obviously it is different because we are talking about video here, television, DVD, high definition, standard definition, etc. The technology to do videos distribution is a little bit different too; however both can be managed by the same equipment.

Don’t be confused by the technical details. The main idea is to get the video that you want in the room that you want with ease. We can do this for you whether you want video on your back deck, kitchen, bed rooms, recreation room, bathroom, or any other room in your house.

Your Next Step – make an appointment to come into our showroom to see a demonstration of this amazing technology that can have a real and positive effect on your quality of life.


Gareth Cliff

The Sensory Dispensary was recommended to me by fellow Idols Judge and audiophile Randall Abrahams. Who was I to argue? they did a terrific job with my home AV system and now I can never listen to or watch anything on sub-standard stuff again.


Randall Abrahams

The Sensory Dispensary provides an utterly professional service. Having known Neil Zasman for almost two decades, I can quite honestly say that he continues to provide an experienced ear coupled with a healthy knowledge of all the latest developments in the two channel and surround sound audio and video environments.

His team do a sterling job of installing equipment, ensuring that the modern home is filled with music but remains an attractive setting. Neil is able to supply purpose-designed solutions or is able to slot in with your current needs, Dealing with The Sensory Dispensary is a thoroughly fulfilling experience – from design to final installation. Enjoy the sights (and sounds!).